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New materials store to ensure right first time repairs

Merlin’s General Manager of Property Solutions Stephen Williams and Travis's Project Manager, Managed Services, Martin Thomas in the new store

A new materials store, exclusively for the use of our staff, is going to improve the number of repairs we complete first time.

The store has been opened by Travis Perkins, which won a £6m contract to supply us with its materials last year. It’s stocked full of materials our staff need to complete repairs to customers’ homes and receives daily deliveries to ensure key parts are always available. Staff have the stock on their vans replenished at least once a week according to the materials they’ve been using.

Adam Kent, Sector Manager (Affordable Housing), Travis Perkins Managed Services said: “This facility will allow operatives to carry out more repairs per day. We will monitor the stock that’s being used and over time will remove items that are not being used and add items that operatives have higher demand for.

“The aim is for operatives to be able to carry out 80% of the jobs using the stock they carry on the van. This will ultimately lead to more jobs being carried out every day and an increase in tenant satisfaction because the operative will not need to go travelling to get materials.”

Merlin’s General Manager of Property Solutions Stephen Williams said: “We’re really pleased Travis have opened this depot right in the heart of our operating area. Fixing repairs on the first visit is so important to our customers and in order to do that, our operatives need to have the right materials on their vans to carry out these repairs. This dedicated depot will help us complete an increased number of repairs at the first visit.

“We’ve seen an increase in customer satisfaction with the repairs service over the past year and I’m confident that this facility will help us deliver an even better service in the future.”

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