Customer involvement: the difference you make

Our customers are the reason the business exists and we always want to make sure we're doing everything we can to bring them services that really work for them. To do that, we need them to be involved in every aspect of what we do.

We have three levels of official involvement

Customer Assembly

Central to the involvement framework, it oversees the work of the portfolio and scrutiny groups and reports direct to our Board. It embraces the views, aspirations and priorities of customers. It enables real scrutiny and accountability of our activities and services and paves the way for customer led co-regulation.

Portfolio groups

Our three portfolio groups shape our service delivery. They are aligned to the Homes and Communities Agency Consumer Standards, against which the performance of all organisations like ours is tested annually.

Each group has responsibilities for testing, shaping and improving our service delivery in key areas.

Home: Looks at quality of accommodation and repairs and maintenance.

Tenancy & Neighbourhood and Community: Looks at allocations and mutual exchange, supporting tenancies and all matters relating to tenancy rights and responsibilities, as well as addressing anti-social behaviour, neighbourhood management, local area co-operation, and working in the community.

Involvement and Empowerment (SPARKS): Monitors the involvement of customers and the training they get, customer services, choice and complaints, and understanding and responding to the diverse needs of our customers.

Each group feeds into the Customer Assembly


Our Scrutiny Group inspects services where a failure to deliver to standards is reported by any of the other groups or by us. It will report findings and recommendations to our Customer Assembly.

A more informal involvement

We’re constantly on the look out for customers who want to get involved in a more casual manner – be it from answering a survey to attending a meeting about a specific project, to taking part in a video. We serve real people and we need their opinions and feedback to make things better


If you want to get involved in any way, let us know. If there aren’t any opportunities at the moment, we’ll keep your details safe until something we think you like comes up. Fill in this form.


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