What is the wellbeing college?

A college based around your needs and where ‘being well’ is on the curriculum!

How great would it be to really flip the mental health support system on its head?  Well that’s what this concept allows us to do.  We don’t have service users or clinicians here, we have students and tutors!  We have created an educational model which really allows you to learn about your own health and wellbeing and improve it yourself (with our support and guidance of course!)

The Wellbeing College is a partnership delivered across the whole of South Gloucestershire with the aim of making people happy and healthy through education.

The Wellbeing College will offer a range of courses each term, including: mindfulness, managing anxiety, money management, sports and physical activity sessions, art sessions, complementary therapies and activities in the open air such as gardening or nature walks – so keep updated here and contact us to get involved.