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A guide to tendering for contracts

This is a short guide, designed to help explain the procurement documents and how to submit a compliant tender. Please contact us if you have any queries around the process or about the Invitation To Tender documentation.

Asking questions/clarifications

You can always contact us to ask questions. A response will be provided and this will be circulated to all the companies who have said that they wish to tender for the contract. Equally, you will receive the questions and answers that other businesses have asked about the tender. This is to ensure that everyone is treated fairly and has the same information.

To raise a query, please log into our Procurement Portal and go to My Tenders. Select the relevant tender and then go to the correspondence tab. On this tab is an option to create correspondence. Select this option and enter your query and click send. A response will be sent back to you through the Procurement Portal.


Information will be provided in the tender documentation about how the tender will be scored. This usually involves a split between price and quality, for example, 60% of the marks may be awarded for quality and 40% for price. This is because we don’t just want the lowest price, we want to ensure that the services and products that we are buying provide the best value for the money we are spending.

Overview of the ITT and the Procurement Process, Preliminaries and Framework Agreement Protocol

These sections of the tender documentation provide guidance and the instructions for tendering for work with us and in particular, this contract. It is important that you read these and ensure that understand these. If you have any queries, you can contact the procurement team for clarification.


The specification details what the contract will comprise of and the services required. You should ensure that you are able to meet the requirements outlined in the specification and if you have any queries, you should contact us.

Invitation to Tender (ITT) Questionnaire

The ITTquestionnaire must be completed to ensure that you are suitable to provide the services we are tendering for.

You will be required to provide information regarding your business, your financial position, insurance details, previous contracts and experience and references. You must provide all the information you are asked for.

If you do not have a policy or do not have the requested documentation/accreditation, please ensure that you clearly explain why you do not have this and whether you would be willing to work towards putting that documentation and accreditation in place.

For companies seeking advice on the development of health and safety policies and procedures, the health and safety executive offers guidance on their website,

You should tailor your reply to your audience and emphasise the experience that is most relevant to the contract and to us. The information provided at these stages will be assessed and a decision made on whether you will go to the next stage. If you are in any doubt about what is required, please ask.

Often, the ITT questionnaire will have contract specific questions. Please ensure that you fully answer these questions. We are only able to score on the information set out in the ITT questionnaire, so even if you have worked for us before, you need to clearly set out all the information you need to answer the question.

Method statements and pricing

If you pass the ITT questionnaire stage, we will then consider your method statement responses and the prices you have submitted.

Your responses to the method statement questions are how we evaluate the quality element of your bid. Again, we are only able to score on the information set out in your responses and cannot make assumptions, so please ensure that you clearly explain everything in your response.

Please ensure that you consider our business and the requirements set out in the specification when answering the method statements.

Please make sure you respond to the whole question and that the response is submitted under the correct question as we are not able to cross reference across questions.

Pricing Schedule

You should also ensure that your prices are set out as requested in the Invitation to Tender. Deviation from this pricing model may result in a non-compliant tender. The price you offer in a tender will be binding if your bid is successful.

Once the deadline has passed, we will evaluate your tender. In the tender documentation, we will give you an idea of the timescales we require to do this, however, these timescales may change.

Please ensure that you submit your tender before the deadline. Tenders submitted after the deadline cannot be accepted.

Awarding the Contract

If you have submitted a tender, you will be told whether you have won the contract or not. We will also provide you with some feedback to explain why the winning bid won. If you would like feedback in more detail, you can contact our Procurement team to request this.

Remember – if you are unclear about anything to submit a clarification through the Online Portal.

If you’d like to learn more about public  sector procurement, you can access a free training resource developed and published by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) called ‘Winning the Contract’ by registering at