Customers celebrate communal lounge refurbishment | Corporate updates

Customers celebrate communal lounge refurbishment | Corporate updates

Customers celebrate communal lounge refurbishment

There’s a spring in the step of customers and staff at our young person’s housing scheme in Patchway following the completion of recent work.

We threw a summer tea party for residents at Charles England House last week to mark the reopening of their communal lounge and outdoor area. And customers are loving the new look lounge and asking for their flats to be refurbished in the same style according to Specialist Housing Team Leader Anita Cuddihy.

“The customers are thrilled with their new lounge and garden,” she said. “They love the colour scheme in the lounge, it feels really hip and trendy. The lounge was always popular but it was just a room but now it feels like a lounge and the customers feel like it’s their space and have taken ownership of it.

“Outside they are enjoying the new furniture and they can now be outside and have their young children in the shade in the pavilion. We have some very, very happy customers and it’s given everyone, including the staff, a spring in their step.”

Work to refurbished the lounge began a few months ago with the removal of the conservatory at the scheme which formed part of the communal lounge. The conservatory was poorly constructed, leaking and caused the room to become too hot in the summer and cold in the winter.

Assistant Projects Manager Katie Humphries said: “The lounge area was widely used by residents for lots of different activities, so our challenge was to make the new space flexible and adaptable. We invited residents to help design the look and layout of the final area, which incorporates modern tones, a workbench-style computer area, seated area for activities and a relaxed TV area for the evenings.

“As well as removing the conservatory and refurbishing the lounge, we’ve also built a large patio and sheltered pavilion outside the lounge for residents and it’s already been really popular with residents during this sunny weather.”

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