Massive increase in ASB satisfaction | Latest news

Massive increase in ASB satisfaction | Latest news

Massive increase in ASB satisfaction

Anti-social behaviour

Customer satisfaction with the way we handle their anti-social behaviour complaints has soared to an amazing 100%.

Over the course of the past year we’ve turned things around and seen satisfaction levels rise from just 33% a year ago to all customers being completely satisfied in May. Our efforts to increase satisfaction are part of our goal to provide world class customer service and to increase overall satisfaction to 90% by 2019.

Neighbourhood Services Manager Natalie Colfer said: “This year our target for customer satisfaction is 86% and improving the way we respond and handle anti-social behaviour cases will play an important part of ensuring we meet this target.

“We know anti-social behaviour can have a real impact on people’s lives but we are committed to tackling it when it occurs and working with both sides to try and find a solution. Unfortunately there are times where we can’t find an amicable agreement and so we have to take action against a tenant.”

We recently evicted one tenant in Yate after they assaulted one of their neighbours and made threats to kill another one. We’d been working with the police and other partners to try and resolve the situation but they refused to engage with us and so we had to end their tenancy. We’ve also recently secured our first exclusion orders from the courts, which forbid tenants from using their home but do not end the tenancy.

“We knew we had to do something to improve customer satisfaction with the way we were handling their anti-social behaviour cases and so held focus groups with customers to find out what they thought was going wrong. Customers said that they wanted more information about what was happening while we were investigating a case. We also found that they sometimes had unrealistic expectations about what action we’d be taking. We realised staying in regular contact with customers while we investigate a case would solve both these issues. And that’s just what we’ve seen – over the past few months satisfaction levels have increased as we’ve been making regular calls to customers to keep them informed about their case.”

At the moment we’re investigating 123 anti-social behaviour cases, with noise complaints making up the largest number. If you’re experiencing issues with anti-social behaviour, you can report it via this website using the link below.

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