Out of hours hero | Latest news

Out of hours hero | Latest news

Out of hours hero

It was a chilly evening when multi-skilled tradesman Marcin Mucha swooped in and emerged a superhero when he reunited a distraught mother and baby.

Stephanie Mayne had found herself locked out of her home, with her six-month old baby trapped inside the house, after the wind had blown her front door shut. She immediately called our out-of-hours number to report the situation to ask us to help her get back into her home. At the same time, in a nearby Staple Hill street, Marcin was heading home for his dinner after a call out and a long day at work, when he received the call about Stephanie.

Marcin was at Stephanie’s in a flash, and before he’d given got to work, Stephanie had already flung her arms around him to give him a massive hug for getting there so quickly. He got straight to work, finding a tool from his van to unlock the door and reunited mother and child in under a minute, much to Stephanie’s delight and relief.

Marcin said: “It felt nice to be appreciated and makes me feel really proud to do job that I do.”

Stephanie messaged us on Facebook after to say: “I just want to thank the Merlin tradesman who probably was supposed to finish at 6 but finished later than 6 as he was in my area and came to the rescue to open my door when wind blew it shut and locked me outside with my baby inside (usually put key in pocket just in case the one time I dint the wind happens) Sorry I gave you a hug but was so happy to get back inside to the tired crying baby. #timetoputupasafebox

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