Work begins to refurbish 144 homes | Latest news

Work begins to refurbish 144 homes | Latest news

Work begins to refurbish 144 homes

Scaffolding has gone up on the first homes this year to receive external refurbishments as part of our ongoing project to improve customers’ homes.

Having completed our 500th home in the programme last year, during 2018 we will refurbish 144 homes to improve their energy efficiency and make them cheaper to heat.
We’ve appointed contractors ENGIE, who used to be known as Keepmoat, to carry out the work for this current phase. Work began last month on the first homes in this phase in Severn Beach and will later move on to homes in Thornbury and Patchway.

We carry out a variety of external work to homes including fitting new external wall insulation, roof repairs or replacements, repairs and redecorations to outbuildings, and repairs to fences, gates, and paths. We also replace loft insulation if needed. The work we carry out varies from property to property depending on the condition and type of home. Before work starts to each home we let people know exactly what we’ll be doing and how long it’s likely to take.

Special Projects Manager Mark Sherwood said: “We’re committed to maintaining our homes to a high standard. This project is delivering real improvements to the quality of the homes and the to the lives of the people who live in them, who are seeing a fall in their energy bills as a result of the insulation making the homes warmer. We’re looking forward to getting started next month and making a real difference to customers’ lives by improving the quality of their homes.”

Among the customers whose homes have been completed in the past year were Sandra and Malcolm Grant.

Sandra said: “The finished house looks amazing. I pull up in front of the house in my car every day and I can’t believe how good it looks. It looks like a brand new house – it’s got real kerb appeal. It’s like a thermos flask, it keeps the heat in in the winter and keeps the house cool in the summer. It’s already cooler now but it’ll be in the winter that we really notice it.”

Mark added: “It’s great to hear such positive feedback from customers like Mr and Mrs Garland whose homes have been refurbished and are seeing a real difference to their lives. We’re hearing from other customers that they’ve spent less on their energy bills during the winter because their homes are so much warmer now. By giving each home a facelift it not only benefits the customers living in them, it benefits the whole community, by making the streets look more attractive.”

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